[BUG-13924] Tag folder and tags not deleting

8.0.0 (b2019040718)

I am seeing some strange behaviours with the tag browser when deleting tags/folders occasionally. Unfortunately I can’t give you a step-by-step process to replicate the behaviour, and I can’t reproduce it myself. But this is what I’ve found:

Somehow I got to a tag browser that looks like this, with a blank space before Test 1 folder:
The xml for this Test 1 folder is:

<Tags MinVersion="8.0.0">
   <Tag name="Test 1" type="Unknown">

Adding a tag to the folder seems to work, but the blank space remains:
Deleting the folder deletes the tag and removes the blank space, but the folder remains but reverts back to the xml definition above:
If I try to delete the folder again I get this error and the tag folder remains there:

[ClientProgressManager-1] ERROR com.inductiveautomation.ignition.designer.tags.tree.TagBrowserPanel - Bad_NotFound

When I add a new tag to the folder again, the blank space reappears and the new tag is now created in the folder:

Here is a screen capture:

I’ve tried all of the restarts/refreshes available to refresh the tag provider (tag browser context menu items and re-saving the tag provider in the gateway webpage) with no success. I can’t delete this folder…

I’m seeing the same behavior. I restored a 7.9.10 gateway backup into 8.0.1 and now have several blank spaces in the tag browser tree.

This is the same issue mentioned in [Bug-13924]Where have my tags gone!

We have a ticket for this and will update that post when its been fixed.

Thank you!