[Bug-13935]Required to restart tags after UDT instance change

It seems I have to hit “restart tag” to refresh OPC paths every time I make a change to a UDT instance. Why is this not automatic like it was in 7.9? Build b2019060511

Does this still occur in a more recent build?

Yes, confirmed in 8.0.3-b20190716

The steps to recreate:

  1. Create a new instance of a UDT using {InstanceName} to generate part of a child tag’s OPC path
  2. Note the OPC path of the child tag correctly reflects the instance name
  3. Change name of UDT instance
  4. Note the OPC path of the child tag still reflects the old instance name
  5. “Restart tag” on UDT instance
  6. Note the OPC path of the child tag updates to reflect the correct instance name


This is an issue that we are aware of. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve it.


I noticed a similar reported bug, also in case of modifications of tag historical properties (like “historySampleRate”) inside an UDT: I need to restart the tag before seeing the expected historical changes (like the sample rate).


I have found the same issue.

Is there any news about the resolution of the issue?


Hi All,

We had some other high priority issues that we were working through, but this is high on our list as well.
I will circle back when we have a fix.


The 8.0.8 nightly that went up this morning should contain a fix for the issue presented here.
EDIT: I’m showing this as being introduced in 8.0.10, not 8.0.8. Regardless, nightly builds now contain a fix.


That’s great, what is the ETA for stable 8.0.8? This bug hurts.

We’re targeting January 20th for the RC, February 4th for production release.

It goes without saying, but the dates above are subject to change.

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I had to restart a bunch of tags (not just ones within UDTs) in different devices after upgrading from V8.0.16 to V8.1.0

Still having to restart tags each time a machine is power cycled as accyroy states - this bug hurts.

did you hear anything. I noticed what I think is the same issue in V8.1.5

No, I don’t have any solutions and this still happens intermittently.