[Bug-13951] Perspective Table Filters

I was trying to switch a screen over from using a custom filter textbox to the filter built into the table component, but I’m running into some issues. I can type any string into the box as long as it wouldn’t return any values. If The string I enter would return a value, the page locks up and crashes.

The only line in the logs shows:
Websocket connection closed unexpectedly. code=1006, reason=WebSocket Read EOF

I attached a video below

Made too many changes at once and missed something. Issue occurs when results is enabled. Regardless of what I mentioned in the previous revision of this post.

While it’s clear that there is an issue in play here, I’m not able to replicate locally (Filtering arguably works better than expected for me). What are you attempting to supply in the filter when it breaks?

I enter some of my generic part numbers. PN1, PN2 or PN3. The data comes from a named query, that is providing a large number of rows(140k), which may play into it as well.

I’m still trying to replicate, but it’s very likely that the dataset size is the issue as storing those results with that search string would in essence double your dataset (every entry will be stored in results for key press “P”, and then results will be wiped and re-populated when “N” is pressed). It isn’t until you actual supply the numeric value of the part number where props.filter.results would be anything smaller than the original dataset. Right, @ynejati?

I narrowed it down to 200 records and it seems to work every time now, so I am guessing the size is the issue. When it happens I usually can’t get past the first letter before it locks up and chrome displays the error.

Yah, that’s what I would expect would be the case if the size of the matching Dataset is indeed the issue. I’ll open up an internal ticket, but I wouldn’t expect a quick fix for this one as we’ll need to determine how to handle the results property when the dataset which “matches” is very large.

Well, I did explicitly say in the results prop tooltip

Enable filter results to be written back to props. Warning, doing so may cause performance decline.

Sounds like the websocket is choking, which I would expect at this time. That’s a heck of a lot of data.

Any resolution to this? We have the same web socket error and all of our project screens turn black for approx 1-2 seconds.

Hi travism, A fix is under investigation, but I can’t promise a timeline.