[Bug-13966]Scrollbar Width does not work

Setting the Scrollbar width does not work under Ignition 8 nor does the following code. Under Ignition 7.9 and prior it has worked with no issues. I would think this is a bug since setting the client properties Scrollbar Width does nothing.

from javax.swing import UIManager
UIManager.put(“ScrollBar.width”, 55)
UIManager.put(“ScrollBar.height”, 40)

I have noticed this too.

This is a known issue (at least for touchscreens), and we already have an internal ticket in place.

Are there any work arounds for this? This is a pretty extreme hindrance on some of my UIs that run on smaller touchscreens.

Any idea when this bug will be fixed?

Hi @jalitten,

What version of 8.0 are you running? This should have been fixed in 8.0.4

This does seem to be fixed on the most recent nightlies, so I’m inclined to believe it was indeed fixed as of the 8.0.4 release.

I can confirm it has been fixed on 8.0.4 release. Thanks.

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Seems to be broken again in 8.0.13

@cmallonee this doesn’t appear to work on 8.0.17. Can you verify?

On client startup I look to see if the client is a touchscreen, if so I set the scroll bar size larger. This used to work, doesn’t anymore.

It seems there is a bug on this, the code didn’t work for me until I checked touch screen mode enabled.

@cmallonee is creating a ticket for this.