[Bug-13973]Perspective Icons In Buttons May Not Have Color Changed

Looks like on the latest 8.0.4 nightly, the color property of an icon in a perspective button no longer works.
Also when the primary property of a button is set to false, the default background color changes to a gray instead of the previous white.

Yep, we’re already on it. There’s a complete theme overhaul in the works, and this should be fixed as part of that.

I just ran into this (8.0.10) i was curious if this was fixed? trying to figure out if im doing something wrong or not.

No, we’re working on getting the overhaul into 8.0.11, but it’s going to be really close.


Thanks for the update.

are there any other workaround for changing color of perspective icons in a button.

Not in the current implementation. The incoming theme refresh should be merged into the code line “soon” (potentially 4/20, probably not until the first 8.0.13 nightly which would be 5/11), at which point this should work as expected. Until that point the only way to set the icon’s color is to craft your own Button as part of an embedded view which is essentially a button with an Icon on top of it. It’s a complicated workaround, and I’d recommend waiting for the update.

Okay, I am waiting.

Thank you.