[BUG-13985] Alarm Pipeline Jump


I’m having a problem with the Pipeline Jump-block.
The jump-block does not jump to a defined block when its activated.

The logs give out error:
"Received event for unknown pipeline ‘project:alarm-pipelines:/pipeline:Pipeline01Critical’. "

When the pipeline goes active the logs say:
ending alarm event ‘ca4b1bfb-ee8c-49be-bbff-9a3ae5bacf1d’ to pipeline ‘project:MainProject:/pipeline:Pipeline00Alarms’

The"'project:MainProject" is correct when the pipeline is activated but when the jump block activates it tries to go to " 'project:alarm-pipelines:" In the jump block there is no way to access this “project” setting.

How can i get this to work?
Is there some place where i can set the pipeli “default” project, or is this a BUG?

I think this is a bug, thank you for reporting.

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.3 nightly build that was uploaded today (5/24).