[BUG 13989 (Not Actually)] Perspective Authentication in iOS 11

I have a quick question regarding issue 13989 (as seen in the 8.0.3 nightly changelogs. What were the symptoms associated with this bug? I have noticed some strange behavior with authentication on an iOS device I am developing on (in the form of an extra prompt asking if the site is allowed to authenticate) and was curious if that was related to this bug or something else.

(For context, my end goal is to be able to circumvent that prompt, but my brief research on it indicates that its hard baked into iOS for certain types of authentication.)

All Perspective authentication is done in iOS authenticated sessions now, which is why you’re seeing that extra prompt. This solution is more secure and gives users the ability to share authentication state with Safari. Google’s SSO doesn’t even allow users to sign in from WebViews. Unfortunately, like your research suggested, there is no way to disable that prompt on iOS. The bug you were referring to was a different issue where the app was sending users to Safari instead of an authenticated session.

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I have some older iPads that only run iOS 10. When I try to open a Perspective session in Safari or Chrome on these, all I get is a blank page, rather than a login page. Would this be related to these iOS Authenticated sessions? Perhaps not enabled in iOS 10?