[BUG-13990] Ignition 8.0.2-2019-05-09 - designer freeze when creating an UDT instance

I imported an udt def from Ignition 7.9.10 to Ignition 8.0.2-2019-05-09.

When I create an instance of this UDT, the designer freeze and is disconnected.
A blank Error popup is triggered after few minutes.

tags.json (25.4 KB)

New to this forum but here is additional information that may help.

There is a current bug that causes the designer to crash while the designer launcher is open. Below is an excerpt from my ticket.

I imported the tags into the 5-10 nightly and they imported and created new instances fine. This was also with the launcher closed.

For the find/replace issue: the error that is being thrown in the console is harmless by itself but due to another bug we’re currently tackling, it causes the designer to lock up. Basically when an uncaught exception is thrown in the designer/client, the system output stream is being into a fix-size buffer by the OS while the Designer/Client launcher is opened leading to to the client/designer becoming unresponsive.

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Yeah, we need to figure out what is going on, as we replicated the same behavior here with your export. I created a ticket to look into this ASAP.

As a side note, (it’s probably not the only source of the designer freeze)
but in Ignition 7.9 we was storing json data in the tag property Documentation.
if the data has a format like the following, no trouble

  "ENUM": {
    "0": "ABSENT",
    "1": "PRESENT"
  "ORDRE": 6

but with this following, Ignition 8 try to interpret this has a binding…

{"ORDRE": 6}

As a workaround, we solve this with :


We will try to convert it with the new Document property to get rode of json stored in String…

This issue was fixed in the nightly build that was uploaded today (6/7).