[BUG-13996, 13781] Confirmation Popup shows up in the wrong screen

Hello everyone,

We are using the built in confirmation popup window option that is available with the multi-state button component. The issue is, when the full screen client is launched in the non-primary screen, the built-in popup confirmation window appears on the wrong screen. Is there a way around this bug?


Has anyone else ran into this? I am trying to figure out how the location can be changed via a window listener event but have not had any success yet.

Hi @brandon1,

Thanks for reporting this. We are aware of some of the multi-monitor issues and currently have a ticket to get this resolved. I’ll let you know when I have more information.

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Thank you. Please let me know if you find a solution to this. If we are unable to solve this through scripting, we will have to refactor a sizable portion of our control.

I would like to know when this is resolved. Seeing the same issue with multi-monitor mode. Thanks.

Do your different screens have different scaling settings?

I do not know for sure in our case Carl. We did confirm that swapping the screen that the ignition project launched on made the confirmation popup work correctly. But then the confirmation popup on the other screen’s client messed up. Kind of a catch 22 game at this point.

I would also like to know when this issue is resolved.

Hi! The confirmation popup error the @brandon1 mentioned has been resolved in the 8.0.3 nightly build from 6/28 (Ticket 13996).

Some of the other multi monitor issues are still being worked on (ticket 13781).

Was this supposed to be fixed in latest 7.9.x versions? We seem to have this problem on 7.9.11. I’m talking about the confirmation popup opening on the wrong screen, ticket # 13996

Hello- we also have this problem in 7.9.10. I dont see a mention of it in the release notes through 7.9.13. Has this been fixed yet in later versions of 7.9?