[BUG-14007]Tag Bindings go stale after Switching User (Vision Clients)

We have some tag bindings in our project header to display date, time and project name, after switching user the two static tags(project name & Date) go stale and the time tag which updates once every seconds works.
The same effect can be recreated in the designer, when the page is first opened everything is as it should be, but if you opening the the binding and closing it again, any bindings to tags that are not changing go stale

When first opened

After opening the binding and closing it, the date tag fails.

This looks like a regression - are you on the latest nightly? We’re pushing a fix into 8.0.2.

Just tried 8.0.2-rc1 and the latest 8.0.3 snapshot (2019-05-29), the issue still persists, you may need to switch user two or three times to recreate the issue.

The fix just got merged in a half hour ago, so if you’re able to try on tomorrow’s nightly we can confirm whether this was the known issue.

I assume from your last post the fix should have been available for download today, (2019-05-31), after updating to the latest Nightly build the issue still persists, have been able to replicate the issue?

Hi @DaveD24,

Just wanted to help clarify - this is getting fixed in 8.0.2. The nightlies are for 8.0.3, so that’s why you have not seen the fix yet.

OK, so when will I have assess to the fix, as it is not the current 8.0.2-rc1 or 8.0.3 nightly as of today and Paul’s reply seemed to suggest it would be available the day after his last post?

I didn’t notice - it was merged directly into the 8.0.2 branch, so, it will be available:

  1. In any future 8.0.2 rc, or the final release
  2. In a future 8.0.3 nightly after we’ve merged the changes from 8.0.2 into 8.0.3.

The branching tree structure we use is convoluted - as a result, you actually can’t evaluate the changes right now (my fault for skimming the original changes made by another dev). We’re probably overdue on the merge of 8.0.2 -> 8.0.3, so it’ll probably happen Monday, in which case the update will be available in the build available Tuesday morning.

Hi @DaveD24,

We’ve released 8.0.2 so you should see the fix now.

Just tested 8.0.2 with numerous user switches and project saves, pleased to say no issues :+1:

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