[Bug-14020]UDT based Expression Tags in 8.0

I noticed a change with the UDT editor while creating UDTs in 8.0.
In 7.9 when I have previously created expression tags in my UDTs to summarize or combine OPC tags for various reasons, in the expression editor, when the Tag icon was clicked and the tag browse window was displayed, there were two tabs: 1) “UDT”. 2) “Tags”.
In 8.0 these tabs do not exist and the only allowable selection is “Tags”.
Is this an over site, deliberate (is there another method to browse the UDT’s tags), or am I just missing something altogether?


In 8.0.0 and 8.0.1, you expand Tags (or the specific provider) and you will see a ‘Data Types’ folder which you would use to create the reference as you will see all members of a tag.

In 8.0.2 a bug was introduced that removed this from being seen and you are required to manually type the path to the tag. We know this isn’t a good scenario and will be resolving it. We appreciate your patience.


This issue was fixed in the 8.0.4 nightly build that was uploaded today (7/25).

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8.1.3 - UDT expression tag binding dialog shows two tabs, but both tabs contain all tags, and UDT tab includes “ROOT”

Reference tags do not have this issue.

Is this related/a regression/desired behavior?

Also, UDT reference tag source tag path picker doesn’t return proper path if tag is nested (must manually add ../