[BUG - 14103] Tag editor role missing on the Edit Real time Tag provider page in 8.0

How can I grant permission for tag editor in Ignition 8.0.2-rc? I can’t found Tag Editing Role (s) in real time tag provider setting as belows.

Real time tag provider setting



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Hi Apisit

I will write up an internal ticket to look into the issue. However, if you are trying to use this functionality as it exits now you don’t have to specify those roles and you can go ahead and connect to any real time tag provider you want based on the documentation provided.

Hi anjoroge,

Is this feature available on Ignition8.0.3?

This feature has not yet been re-implemented in 8.0 with the new tag system. This topic will be updated once it has been.

@PGriffith Could you please release this feature in 8.0 as well.

We would really like to have this feature available in 8.0 as well.

It’s in the backlog but is lower priority than other tag security stuff we’re working on. I can’t give any kind of estimate on if/when it will be implemented right now.

This feature still missing in 8.0.9 - is there any timeline or alternate method currently to secure tag providers?


For posterity, 8.0.16 added a Tag Editing Permissions setting to Standard Tag Providers which effectively replaces the functionality of the old setting.


Can we edit tag permission in Remote Tag Provider?