[bug-14117]Unable to select font size greater than 100

Pretty well says it all.


Trying to adjust a label size, but the spinner will not allow anything higher than 100. Can we remove the upper limit on the spinner for the the next stable release? Or make it ridiculously big, I’m okay with either.

Known bug, but fix definitely won’t make it to 8.0.8. It’s marked as a low priority right now, so good luck.

The tears, they be a-flowin’…

If this huge label is only need in a few places, can’t you just make a SVG label at the size you want and import it into the window?

Huh, it won’t even accepted typed values above 100; looks like we get to use scripting set a larger size. They way the font specs could be typed or copy/pasted (without using the popup to set them) in version 7 was handy in some cases. Is this something we could get back?

This is on existing clients where the fonts / kerning changed with the new Java. I only needed to reduce the font size a bit, but the upper limit precluded it.

Pretty much.

This is fixed for 8.0.15.