[BUG-14117]Vision - Label Component Not Allowing Text Sizes Over 100pt

Upgrading from 7.9 to 8.0.1, I had a couple of templates in Vision that had label components with the text size set to 200pt (large timers designed to be shown on dedicated TVs). In troubleshooting some text resizing issues on Ubuntu clients, I found that I was unable to adjust the font size on the label component in question. When I created a new label, I was able to adjust the font size, but it will not allow any values over 100pt.

Is this an intentional change?

Looks like it’s an unintentional regression from another ticket. I’ll file a bug report on this. Thanks for catching it!

EDIT: Fixed in 8.0.15:

Good to know that I’m not going crazy.

Thanks Kathy!

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