[BUG-14125]Importing Perspective views from one project to another, bug?

I have successfully exported a few views from my test project to our live project, but some are missing from the Project Browser. I have tried importing the views individually, and when I do it asks if I want to overwrite the view as if it is already in the project even though it does not show in the Project Browser. Could this be a bug?

What version are you on?

I have closed out and re-opened Ignition and now they show, problem solved.

This sort of sounds like an existing bug we have logged. Were the views that did not appear inside of folders when they were exported?

Yes, they were in the folders. Once I closed Ignition and re-opened it, the views appeared.

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Gotcha, I’ll update our internal ticket and link it to this post. While you have a workaround, it should not work that way and when it gets fixed we will notify you by this post.

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.4 nightly build that was uploaded today (7/22).

You can also expect this issue to be fixed in the 8.0.3 RC that will be released soon.