[BUG -14166] Perspective alarm status table crashes when accessing alarms from 7.9 remote gateway

I am having some issues with the alarm tables in Ignition 8 when referencing a tag with an alarm on a 7.9 remote gateway.

(For reference on the gateway connection setup)
One of my companies clients is interested in moving their existing Ignition installation (version 7.9.10) to Ignition 8 for perspective.

The existing setup has a backend gateway that connects to 25 remote gateways. The remote gateways are just being used to pass through tags while the backend gateway is used for the HMI.

We created a test Ignition 8 gateway (b2019053102) and made remote connections to the backend for the tag providers and a query only version of the database connections.

We found that when we added the new perspective alarm table that it would just show an infinite loading screen and never load any alarms. As well, if we tried adding a vision alarm status table to a vision window the designer would just lock up and we would have to kill the designer process to close it.

If we disabled the “Alarms Enabled” in the remote tag provider then the vision alarm component wouldn’t crash the designer but had no alarms. The perspective component would still have an infinite loading screen displayed.

We tried creating a local test tag that just had an alarm we could toggle on and off. It was found that the vision component would show the local test alarm, but the perspective component still wouldn’t display any alarms.

We made a new blank Ignition 8 with the most recent nightly version to see if that would resolve the issue but still had the same issues.

However, we found that if all the remote connections were removed, the perspective alarm component would show the local test alarm.

So, it seems that if we have a remote gateway connection to a 7.9 gateway, the perspective alarm component will not load even local test tags, despite the option for alarms being disabled on all remote connections.

Is there a setting that we have missed that is preventing even local alarms from showing when there is a remote connection?

Hi lmiles,

I was able to duplicate the issue you are seeing and based on the steps you are following the perspective alarms table shouldn’t be crashing the designer. Will write an internal ticket for
the issue and try and resolve it in a timely manner.


Ok, I will keep an eye on the updates for the fix. Thank you for the quick response.

Has there been any movement on this bug?

A fix got merged this morning and will be in the next nightly build.

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Hi, the issue with the designer crashing when adding the vision alarm table has been resolved.

However, we still are having the problem where the perspective alarm table will not show any alarms if we have any remote gateway connections to a 7.9 version gateway.

At least in our testing, remote alarms from 7.9 were showing up correctly with these changes. Could you get in contact with support so they can try to figure out what’s failing on your system?

Hi, just did a test and it works for the vision alarm table. But our problem is on the perspective alarm table. The perspective alarm table never loads whereas the vision alarm table does.

Is there any word on this? The Perspective Alarm Status Table never loads when attempting to retrieve alarms from remote 7.9.x Gateways. We are able to query alarms manually and add list them in the Perspective Table component, so the alarms themselves are available. When we disable the 7.9 gateway connections the Perspective Alarm Status table loads correctly. To me, this confirms that there is a bug in the Perspective Alarm Status Table.

What version of 8 are you on? As posted above, a fix was merged - that got into 8.0.3, so if you’re on the most recent release, then this should be working.

If it’s not, then your post is the first we’ve heard about it regressing, so we haven’t done anything about it (yet).