[bug-14191]ManagedTagProvider - ReadOnly, but copy and paste creates new tags in Designer

I’m using a ManagedTagProvider in Ignition 8.0.2 (b2019060511). The configuration is setAllowTagCustomization(false);

As expected, i can not create new or modify existing tags in the designer. However copy and paste creates a new tag. Adding an new folder is also possible.
Copy/paste works the same way for the System/Gateway tags, so i assume this is a bug?

Looks like I’m the only one with this problem, so maybe someone can please tell me the correct way to prevent creation of folders or pasting tags in a ManagedTagProvider?

This sounds like a bug, based on the behavior of the system tags - I’ll file a ticket to investigate/fix.

I use the ManagedTagProvider too.
When I try to remove all my tags with the removeTag(PathToMyRootFolder) and recreate my tags, the provider keep the old tags until the module is restarted.

my settings are persist values and tags to false.

removeTag(java.lang.String path)
Removes the tag from the provider, and deletes any extensions defined for it.

Did you encounter such of behaviors too ?

No, but I don’t use that function. My module just adds some predefined status tags.

I can confirm that the original reported issue will be fixed in 8.0.3.

@mazeyrat We’ll have to look into this issue. I did get one similar report from a different developer, but in that case I think we tracked the issue to their side. Let me try to mock up your particular case.

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