[BUG-14207]Perspective view doesn't open in designer in v8.0.2

After some working on perspective in v8.0.2, the designer can’t open my view at all. double clicking on view doesn’t do anything & creating new view doesn’t add any view at all. I only can access page configuration section. I access my server with different computer to ensure that designer doesn’t have any problem.
I setup a public server for checking this, with following IP and user/password:
user: admin
password: password

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any help

This gives me the chills. If you need remote support, contact support.

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Is there anything in the designer logs/console? What operating system/version?

Agree with Phil, contact support (who has appropriate sandboxing to facilitate remoting in/connecting to your gateway and help diagnose).

You use version 8.0.3. I download the designer and can’t open any view

I just want to help the team to see the bug easily and instead of re creating it.
In designer there is no log. Except for open the view the other thing is working.
Yesterday I also upgrade the system to 8.0.3 and the problem isn’t solve in this version.
I use windows 10.

I just upload my gateway. Please take a look at it in designer. The view doesn’t open at all.

I got the same problem last week but was able to restore a gateway back up from a time that it was working. And support suggests to clear out the jar-cache folder after shutting down the gateway. The Windows directory is C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\jar-cache not sure about Raspberry Pi. So that’s something that you can try.

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Hi Victor
Thank for the solutions. My problem is I did a lot work on views and don’t have a back of gateway to restore them. I will try to clean cache folder.
By the way, did support add this problem in their list to be fixed in future release?

From looking at the backup, it looks like your project suffered from an old bug where saving/conflict resolution in certain states would destroy a resource and replace it with an empty .bin file. From what I can tell, this affected every Style Class in your project except the one named Blink. Did these style classes work before upgrading to 8.0.2? Because if so we may have regressed an area around there and I would like to get a project export from before your upgrade.

In the meantime, you can work around this by going into your designer and deleting all the Style Classes except Blink, saving, then restarting your designer.

I will also create a ticket to see if we can handle null style classes so that it does not prevent you from opening any Perspective Views, because it looks like you couldn’t open views in that project even if they didn’t use any of the classes which definitely shouldn’t happen.

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Thank you. I didn’t use any of them except blink. I just hope this bug will be fixed for future release.

For posterity, the issue the bug reported in this thread was fixed in the nightly build uploaded yesterday (7/1)


good replay! thanks i need to download new one