[BUG-14251] Barcode app field of view (FOV)

Can you expand the search FOV on the barcode app? I can only view about 12 characters of code 39 before the view area limit is reached. The camera is capable of much more if the FOV was stretched in at least one direction. 2D Matrix works great but all of my factory uses 1D readers which would need to be replaced. Of course the code I am trying to read is 14 characters wide. I can just barely read 14 char with most modern smart phones if I fiddle for about 5-20 seconds per read.

+1 For this feature request.

Is this in iOS or Android (or both)?

Both, I am testing on a iPhone 10R, LG G3, LG G6, and Samsung S8 all doing the same thing. I have a free barcode analyzer app that has twice the field of view so I assume it is not a phone restriction.

We’ll try to get this implemented in the next couple versions.

Sorry, this post did not get updated but this was fixed in 8.0.4.
Newly created Scan Barcode actions will allow users to configuring the barcode scanning area in the Perspective App. The configured scan area will remember its size for subsequent uses.