[BUG-14274] Error when printing a report

Right-clicking on a report and selecting Print, then clicking Print in the Print pop-up produces the error Report has not finished loading:


I was able to recreate this issue. As the error box says, the solution is to wait until the report has finished loading before printing, but we can make this a better experience. I’ll file a ticket.

Thank you for your response. I tried waiting longer for the report to load (even leaving it be for a few hours), as well as flipping through all of the pages to make sure all of the data was present, to no avail.

If it helps, the report is being populated by a SQL query, and is 5-7 pages long. All of the data appears as it should when the report loads, and I can save a PDF of the report if I want to.

I didn’t have any problem printing once the report loaded, which means diagnosing this is unfortunately beyond what we can do in the forum. Can you please contact support and reference this forum post? They’ll need to figure out what’s going on so we can recreate your specific issue. Thanks!

Hi, do you know if there was a resolution to this? I am seeing the same behavior in V7.9.10.