[BUG-14275] All the datatype for vision Clients should be working correctly

@awalker, @PGriffith
In Ignition Client, the type “Document” is available for vision Client Client but doesn’t work.
This type will be available or not ? It will be very usefull to have it !

Hi Mazeyrat,

I believe if it is provided as an option for one of the data types you can select then it should either be working correctly or shouldn’t be one of the options you can select. In any case will write an internal ticket to have this resolved one way or the other. Thanks for bring this to our attention.


Hope it will be the way of adding thé support for document client tag !

Hi, I am using 8.1.5, Still it remains to throw an error for document datatype in vision client tag. When it can be expected to resolved ?. Actually i wanted to store large json, I am not sure if i can use string datatype for this because i don’t what would be the max length that string datatype can hold.