[BUG-14313]Hidden Leased Tag Groups are causing unwanted polling for Tags

When OPC tags are either disabled or deleted, their OPC subscription remains.
To demonstrate create a new driver (simulator will do), then create a new tag or UDT instance that references that driver, the gateway status page for devices and OPC subscriptions will show the new tag OPC subscriptions, now disable or deleted the tag/UDT and reload status page, the subscriptions are still there, I though there may be some delay in removing the subscriptions, but they are still there a day later.
The ability to stop OPC subscriptions by disabling the associated tags is invaluable when trouble shooting problematic serial networks.

Hi DaveD24,

I believe we have an internal ticket that will address this issue in the near future.


Thanks for the feedback, any time line as to when this may be fixed, as this is causing ongoing issues on one of our customer systems?

@DaveD24 Pretty soon, we have a pending fix for this. I will update you when it is!

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.4 nightly build that was uploaded today (8/21)

I have just installed 8.0.4 Stable and the issue still persists, it is a redundant system if that makes any difference?