[BUG-14313] Tags are still leased when there are no active sessions

We have several tag groups that have a lot of leased tags even though there are no designer or client sessions. Any ideas what could be causing this?

There could be several things, but we need some additional info in order to narrow down the cause.

What version of Ignition are you using? The screenshots look like 8.0, but confirmation would be nice. Since it does look like 8.0, do you have any Perspective projects? Perspective sessions do not display on the Gateway Overview dashboard. You can look into open Perspective Sessions by going to Status > Connections > Perspective Sessions. Keep in mind that closing a Perspective Session does not immediately close the session (the session is kept alive by a configurable Project Property setting in the Designer).

Ticket #99206

8.0.2 - No perspective. Some of the tags were due to expressions that referenced them. Deleted tags were still showing up. The whole gateway would have to be rebooted at times to get the tags to refresh on the OPC connections page.

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.4 nightly build that was uploaded today (8/21)

Is there any chance there is still an issue? I had an 8.0.5 nightly installed and the 8.0.4 RC1 and had the same problem where there were no active sessions or designers and the leased tag count does not go down.