[BUG-14319] "SQL Query Builder" is very slow and overloads the PC

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When I am doing a report, if I try to show the “SQL Query Builder” for a database with many tables (more than 100), the “Builder” does not load or it takes a lot (more than 20 minutes) to load and overloads the PC (my PC is i5 with 8GB RAM)
On the other hand, if I open the “Database query browser” panel, the tables are displayed without delay.
This occurs in Ignition 7 and 8.

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Your PC may have 8GB of RAM, but you’ve only given the Designer 936 megs. Any time you’re dealing with reports, my rule of thumb is to let the designer have at least 2GB, since just about every part of the report designer chews up memory.

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It is not a maximum memory problem. As you can see in the video, the designer uses about 200 megabytes. It is an internal problem of “SQL Query Builder”: with a database that contains many tables it never ends loading.
Anyway, I have tried to establish the designer’s memory in 4 GB and the problem continues.
On the other hand, if I open the “Database query browser” panel, the tables are displayed without delay.


I can’t replicate this at all. I made a database with 150 tables, each having data. With a designer with 2GB of RAM allocated it took 2.5 seconds to load the query builder in the reporting module; with a low RAM designer it took 4 seconds. (Ignition 8.0.3 build from June 21)

You might need to contact support to see what’s going on, because there’s clearly something very different between your system and mine. Be sure to reference this forum post to save some time.

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The database has got more than 4000 tables. I had not checked. Excuse.


But, ¿Why does “Database query browser” load perfectly and “SQL Query Builder” never load?

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They are different systems doing different things – the query builder lets you do graphical building of queries, so it’s a more complex system.

In agreement. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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We’re tracking this as a bug and when it eventually gets looked at / fixed someone should come by and update this post.