[BUG-14333] Dropdown cell view does not work properly when selected

I use a 8.0.4 release.
I have a table with a cell view embedded in (a dropdown component).
I notice that I am not able to open the dropdown list when the table row is selected. Whereas it works if another row is selected.

Thank you.


The reason why you are experiencing this is because of the selection overlay, which is overlaid on top of the row. You can work around this in the meantime by turning selection off. We have a ticket for this and will work to resolving the issue as soon as we can. Thanks for the report.


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Any chance there have been any updates to this? I still see this issue in 8.1.0.

This issue was fixed as part of 8.1.1.

Ha. I guess I should have checked the change logs before asking. Thanks!

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