[Bug-14341]Sparkline data rendering

I have 12 sparkline charts on a perspective view and occasionally they render the data incorrectly. It seems to be pretty random which ones render the data wrong and also random when they do it. Most of them will render correctly and a couple won’t. They seem to render correctly on the next graph update but it makes it difficult to read the graphs properly.

The data is historical data pulled from the MSSQL express database using a script.

I have the ‘points’ PROPS of the sparkline bound to an expression.
The expression is

with a script transform to get the historical data.

DataHtag = system.tag.queryTagHistory(paths=["[default]Unit01/average1-average16/averageTemp"], returnFormat='Wide', columnNames=["t_stamp","averageData"],rangeMinutes=30)

return DataHtag

The data should look like this, and it does display correctly the majority of the time.
But randomly when the sparkline updates I get some crazy lines and the crazy lines always appear different.

This is an issue that we found last week where timestamps weren’t being evaluated in the thread safe manner for Perspective bindings. It is fixed in the latest nightly, although due to another issue we are currently resolving I would hold off testing a build until a 8.0.3 RC is available.

You will see this occur when multiple Perspective sessions are connected to the the same datapoint.


Thank you, I will wait for the new release to test.