[Bug-14362] Block Transaction Group "Unable to Start" bug

Noticed an issue after upgrading to 8.0 that all of my Block transaction group’s stopped, and gave an “Unable to Start” message. I wasn’t able to find any other messages or information on why.

After a few days of fooling around with it, and some of them starting sometimes for no apparent reason, I found how to fix it:
For each one of your blocks (block items) in item view, edit the block, then go the 2nd tab ‘Items’.
Select any of the items in the block. I do the first one but I don’t think it matters.
Click the TOP (not the bottom window apply) apply button.
Click ok.

After a kind of re-saving the items in each block, my block transaction groups were able to start again.

Also, note that exporting and re-importing a fully working group did not work. I didnt test this on creating a new group that never existed before, but deleting a non working group, exporting a working group, doing a find and replace on it, and then re-importing it did not give me a new working group. I still needed to perform the steps above to get it to work.

this might be clearer:

Thanks for the report. The issue has been identified and will be fixed.

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.4 nightly build that was uploaded today (7/22).

You can also expect this issue to be fixed in the 8.0.3 RC that will be released soon.

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