[BUG - 14374] Expression Error - Unknown function: 'hasChanged'

I am trying to implement a counter for a tag. Currently the units tags are created through perspective session due the future scaling. As such, i require the counter to be created dynamically at the same time a new units tags are created, hence why an expression tag is being used.
I need to add 1 to a ‘Count’ tag whenever another tag becomes 1.
For some reason i cannot get ‘hasChanged’ to cooperate.
Is this function bugged and if so, when is it expected to be available again?


I don’t see any current bug reports on it, but I’m able to replicate the issue in 8.0.3. I’ll open a ticket for this. Thanks!

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.4 Nightly build that was uploaded today (7/26).