[BUG-14396, 879] Perspective - lots of undo actions are missing


Pasting over the top of a property is not undoable (I pasted - instead of copy - over my whole ‘style’ property and now it’s set to ‘null’, and not able to undo it :()

Some property changes aren’t undoable. Don’t have any specifics now but I will add them in as I find them.

We’re aware of many user actions which are not placed on the stack which would allow for undoing the action (like moving a component), but feel free to post any you find and we’ll cross-reference with known shortfalls.

I’m still seeing this issue in 8.0.2. I pasted a copied carousel view element into the wrong location and it overwrote my whole view object property. Now I can’t undo it…

Thanks for the report, @nminchin. I’ll add this on to the existing ticket.

Just an addition, i dont seem to be able to undo an object movement in the rc version of 8.0.4

That’s included as part of the attached ticket.

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8.0.10 - deleting a custom property can’t be undone.

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I am experiencing a similar issue deleting properties, version 8.0.12

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Still seeing actions like component moves, resizing components, and others missing from the undo stack in 8.1.0rc1 :frowning: It’s making development somewhat difficult… I’m less prone to wanting to try new things as I don’t know if i’ll be able to go back

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I just checked and component moves and resizes are working correctly in RC3. I did find a scenario (bug) where the undo stack is reset if you create or rename a resource (View/Style), which could explain what you saw.

Update: The stack is resource-dependent, and switching back to the resource with the component allowed for me to undo the changes.

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I identified as many events as I could find which were not placed on the event stack (in Perspective) and opened many tickets. If you’re encountering any, please list them here and I’ll make sure they get included if they aren’t already.


Deleting properties
Moving object in complex nested layout

Care to be a little more specific? In theory, addressing movement in a specific container should resolve any nested situation.

For example if I have two level of nested xy coordinate container if I move object in second one, the undo doesn’t work.

And also there are times that moving object with arrow keys doesn’t stack in undo list

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In 8.1.0rc1 deleted Perspective component keys are not added onto the stack. E.g.props.style
Issue in rc3 as well

rc3: Deleting tags

v8.1.0 column container moves have no undo. Quite annoying especially when there’s another bug where randomly a component will become latched onto the mouse cursor without actually clicking and dragging it, and then when you have already moved your mouse over the screen before realising that the component is coming along for the ride, now all your components are in the wrong places :frowning:
That other bug seems to happen after you’ve clicked on a property binding or over in the property editor at least, the component appears to “see” the on click event and it triggers its click and drag event (despite not ever being clicked). The mouse release isn’t picked up which is why the component follows the cursor with no buttons clicked

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It would seem that no mouse actions are added to the undo stack. Things like:

  • drag components to move them
  • drag to resize components, including the View container itself
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