[Bug-14490] Perspective Gauge Component Dependent On OuterAxis Display

I was trying to use a gauge in a small container but I couldn't make it look good. It was always hiding the numbers. Here's what it looks like in a 100x100 px:

It could be improved for small dimensions, but here's the actual bug: I tried to use the innerAxis since the numbers are displayed clearly this way, so I turned off the outerAxis. Apparently the gauge doesn't work with just the innerAxis. In fact, when I copied the object, it crashed.

When I changed the secondaryValue it was throwing this error:

16:52:25.472 [Browser Events Thread] INFO Perspective.Designer.BrowserConsole - TypeError: Cannot read property 'events' of undefined
16:52:25.473 [Browser Events Thread] INFO Perspective.Designer.BrowserConsole - ui.ErrorBoundary: Component error caught in error boundary: undefined

Is it a bug or it wasn't intended to be configured like this?

It’s not supposed to behave like that, no. I’ll open a ticket right away.

Just as a warning, you’ll encounter this same undesirable behavior when you open the containing View if you closed the View while your Gauge was in the troublesome state, as well as if you are in a session and you land on the Page Configuration which uses the View in question.

In fact I had something worse. The view started to crash, gone black, threw exceptions… When I opened it again all the unsaved progress was lost. But it’s fine, bugs are annoying.

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.4 nightly build that was uploaded today (8/8).

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