[BUG-14527] Perspective Browser Crashing w/ Memory issue

Hi all,

I have an issue where some of the perspective screens we have made, once displayed on a browser, and if left alone for awhile, crashes the page with a “Not enough memory to open this page”. Refreshing the page fixes it, of course.

Is there a way to avoid this problem?

Here is the screen it came from, and the error it produced:

It could be that updating the project triggers this…but I think it happens on its own as well.


Hi Roger,

Sorry for the delay. Are you still seeing this? If so, can you provide us with more information on your setup or where you think it might be coming from?




We are definitely still seeing this. It seems to mostly happen on project update/refresh, but only occasionally. I’m not seeing any visible errors aside from the page freezing and then yielding the error. Refreshing the page in the browser fixes the issue.

No idea what could cause this. There could be some errors in the dev tools console but I have not checked if it always occurs. If it happens again I’ll take a look and see what the particular error is.

I am wondering if it is some kind of memory issue? Not quite sure what could cause it, but I feel like having too many things on one screen helps to cause it.



Thanks for the response, that helps a lot. I definitely think we have some sort of memory leak in the browser that needs prompt investigating. We will look into this and see what we find. Thanks for the report.


We seem to have an issue with this as well. We have 4 clients running in browsers and all of them have crashed today at some point and some of them multiple times with out of memory errors. It does not seem to be related to any particular screen at this time.

Just an update I just saved the project and kept the chrome browser open and this memory size doubled after the save. This was sitting around 69k for the live value and a few minutes after the save the size jumped up and has stayed up.

Interesting. Definitely not good. Thanks for letting us know. I think we have everything we need to investigate, but if we need something we’ll definitely let you know. Will update here with what we find.

I am also having this error with a perspective session on chrome, is there any update on the fix?

Is there any update on this issue? 4 years later and we still have it happening on our application?

We have the same problem. Any update?