[Bug-14544]Disabled Popup Calendar Still Commits Value

Ignition 7.9.11 and 8.0.3

Disabled popup calendar still allows the user to click on the arrow to change the date/time.

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.4 Nightly build that was uploaded today (8/1).

Is there a work-around if one cannot upgrade to version 8?

v7.9.x is under long-term support, so you can expect bug fixes (not new features) to be deployed for it–just a question of which maintenance release gets it.

What I’ve been doing is instead of toggling the enabled property, I toggle the visible property. Then, I have a text label in the same space as the popup calendar. The text is bound to the popup calendar date/time selected, and the visible property is bound so it is visible when the popup calendar is not and vice versa.

A little extra work, but it is effective and makes sense to operators.

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Thanks. That was what I came up with as well. I wanted to see if there was another solution in order to be thorough. It works well so long as there is business logic to define when the date field should be available for modification and when it should not.

Still happening in 7.9.17

Any fix?