[Bug-14556]8.0.3 rc2 Direct Bindings Broken

Hi all,

Several of my direct bindings have broken after updating to 8.0.3. rc2. These bindings are all looking at the props.params and custom sections of an embedded view. Is this a known issue?

To clarify: All bindings are from an embedded view (flex container) to another embedded view (flex container) that works as an accordion-style navigation. With the update, everything in the accordion is visible as the bindings have all broken. The bindings are all registering as Stale/Bad Quality. Removing the binding and re-binding does not fix it, even though I’m getting the binding directly from the property browser.

Did something change in the binding functionality, or did one of my objects/views malfunction on upgrade?


We recently identified an issue where bindings which included components with spaces in their names broke. We’ve repaired the issue and it is awaiting final confirmation before applying it to the codeline. Do your broken bindings rely on any components which contain a space in their name (please look at the highest level, as bindings further down would be breaking due to the failure of higher bindings)?

Yeah, almost all of our components in that view has spaces in it. That binding in particular looks like this:

…/Item Process Screens.props.params.expanded

I guess that’s one mystery solved! I’ll wait on an update for this and downgrade in the meantime.


This issue was fixed in the 8.0.4 nightly build that was uploaded today (8/1). You can also expect to see this fixed in the 8.0.3 final release.