[Bug-14611] Power table - Extension function disapear when creating custom methods

On version 8.0.3 rc2

When you enable and start coding the configureCell Extension Function on a power table, and then you add a custom method, the whole code of the configureCell function disapear (even the declaration):

  1. Enable the configureCell extension function

  2. add a custom method

  3. Go back to the configureCell extension function

The whole code has disapear (and you cannot type anything, as if you were trying to edit the declaration of the configureCell signature)

This appens either way you start (creating the custom method before or after enabling the configure cell)

Indeed you are correct. I’ll make sure to file a bug on this now. Nice catch!

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.3 final release today. You can download it here.