[BUG-14638] ManagedTagProvider.shutdown method does not seem to work

I am using ManagedTagProvider to create custom Tag provider as below from the module :

ProviderConfiguration config = new ProviderConfiguration(_providerName)

ManagedTagProvider newProvider = gatewayContext.getTagManager().getOrCreateManagedProvider(config);

Once created, we create tags under this provider and update tag values from a scheduled task from the module.

I have following code in the GatewayHook -> moduleRemoved to cleanup the tag providers created by the module when module is uninstalled:

newProvider .shutdown(true);

We expect that tag provider and all tags below this provider would be deleted.

I see following statement in the wrapper.log
provider 02Aug2019 14:17:26 Tag provider stopped.
However the provider is still seen from the designer. Relaunching the designer also shows the provider.

In 7.9 , SimpleTagProvider.shutdown removes the tag provider.
Am I missing something here ? Do I need to call any other method than shutdown to remove the tagprovider ?

Ignition version : 8.0.3-rc2 (b2019072512)
Ignition SDK version: 8.0.0

Thanks, I’ll make a ticket for this.