[BUG-14654] Report subject line and body parsing issue - upgrade from 7.9 to 8.0.3

Hi - we use the reporting module quite a bit. And try and use the subject line and the body of the email to communicate information.
Upgrading from 7.9 to 8, seemed to have broken our ability to do this.

For example the subject line of one of my reports is coded as:
"Cornwallis Report - Reds: " + {KPIs/ColourCoding/NumberOfReds}

And showed up in the subject line of an email as
Cornwallis Report - Reds: 1
or whatever the number was.

Now, it’s not interpreted. And, the subject line shows up as:
"Cornwallis Report - Reds: " + {KPIs/ColourCoding/NumberOfReds}

This is the same with the body of the email.

And we get this error:
WARN: Could not parse body text

There is some formatting issue, I assume. We have tried putting in the database name or default prior to the tag path, like so:
"Cornwallis Report - Reds: " + {[default]KPIs/ColourCoding/NumberOfReds}
If we do that, it doesn’t throw the error, but also doesn’t return any information from that tag.

I was able to replicate this in 8.0.4. When I switched to concat() instead of +, I’m getting NULL for the tag value. I’ll file a ticket.

Ah, looks like it was already reported and fixed. Should show up in the nightly release tomorrow.

Bump… seeing the same error when using some HTML in the body (8.0.10):

<html>This is an automated email!
<p>Production Shift Report Attached! 
-Your Ignition System</html>

Can you contact support? This doesn’t look like the same issue, and I’d be really surprised if this had regressed.