[BUG-14717] Deletion of Final Parameter of Named Query causes Ignition Designer to crash

Something I noticed when working on some named queries today:
Steps to recreate:

  1. Create a named query
  2. Set the database connection to “parameter” while there are still parameters defined for the query
  3. Delete all parameters for the query
  4. When attempting to delete the final parameter, the designer freezes up and cannot be recovered.

This can be worked around by temporarily setting the database connection to “default” and then deleting the parameters and setting the database connection back to “parameter”.

I wasn’t able to replicate with a build from Friday. What version/build are you using?

8.0.2 - b2019060511

Hi @seth.thomas, have you come across this issue again since you first posted?

Since posting, we’ve generally moved away from named queries because stored procedures made more sense for the architecture of our project. We recently upgraded to 8.0.3. I just tested this again and got the same issue though. I was actually unable to delete any named query parameters once setting the database connection to be parameterized.

Ok - thank you! I’m going to have someone look in to this and get back to you.

This issue was fixed in the 8.0.4 RC.

If you are still seeing this behavior, please let us know.

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