[BUG-14721] Perspective Nudging Changes Coordinates on Both Axis

I have a label component with x=1340 and y=400 coordinates in a coordinate container. I hold the down arrow key to nudge the component. By the time my y value =600.033977509, my x value has also changed to 1333.854225159. The x value should not change. The same behavior exists when nudging left or right…the y value changes.

Does your coordinate container have a border on it and/or does your label have any rotation on it at all?

No border on the coordinate container and no rotation on the label. (I did post something about nudging rotated objects in a different post as well that Perry responded to)
Interestingly enough, I can’t repeat this again right now…although I have seen this issue occur on multiple occasions. I’ll try to capture what else is going on when it happens again next.

This is still an issue. I have installed the nightly build from Thursday night. See attached. It happens with any object in that view and whether I select a group of objects or not. If I switch to a different view, the problem does not exist.

Apologies for the delay, I have created a ticket for someone to look in to this and will update you when I have more information.