[BUG-14729]: UDT Parameter Binding with number formatting

I searched but didn’t find this already reported.

When setting a tag’s OPC Item Path in a UDT to use a number formatted parameter like:

ns=2;s=[default]PARK/WEC{PARAM_TURBINEID|#00}/_diagnostics_/Is Connected

the parameter doesn’t get zero padded:

ns=2;s=[default]PARK/WEC1/_diagnostics_/Is Connected


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What build/nightly version is this?

This is using 8.0.3 (b2019071202).

Hi @malone46844,

I’ve been able to reproduce this bug in 8.0.3. Seems like number formatting doesn’t work for constant parameter expressions such as your case. As a workaround, you can try doing adding a trivial operation to the constant expression, such as PARAM_TURBINE_ID + 0. I’ve attached the ticket number to this post to keep track of its progress.


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{Param + 0|00} worked like a charm. Thank you much for the workaround.

Man thanks for posting that, that trick helped me out!