[BUG-14752] Perspective Time Series Chart - Component Error r.props.yScale

I am receiving the attached error when I switch my chart to historical mode. It happens 9 out of 10 times I switch to this screen, but does render once in a while. If I put it into realtime mode, I get this message until it polls once, then the chart is there and is fine.
I don’t see a property called yScale in the property editor.

Follow up-
I’ve traced it back to the bindings on my axes for min and max. I’m binding the axes.0 min and max to the tags EngLow and EngHigh tags.
I have three tags, each in their own plot. Here are the axes bindings respectively:
plots.0.axes.0.min = [default]WW454/A101/LIT_1A/LEVEL.EngLow
plots.0.axes.0.max = [default]WW454/A101/LIT_1A/LEVEL.EngHigh

plots.1.axes.0.min = [default]WW454/A101/LIT_1B/LEVEL.EngLow
plots.1.axes.0.max = [default]WW454/A101/LIT_1B/LEVEL.EngHigh

plots.2.axes.0.min = [default]WW454/A101/LIT_1/LEVEL.EngLow
plots.2.axes.0.max = [default]WW454/A101/LIT_1/LEVEL.EngHigh

All binding tags were selected from the tree view picker, so they are all valid, no misspellings, etc.


Thanks @vcgasman, I will use that technique to replicate so I can fix the bug.

Sounds good- Be sure to open your view/page in the browser. It seems to be ok in designer once it renders once but fails almost every time in the browser.

This issue is fixed in the the latest 8.0.5 nightly build.