[Bug-14781]UDT OPC Item Path gone after upgrade to Ignition 8.0.3 from 7.9.9

I am working on a project where we need to upgrade the Ignition Gateway from 7.9.9 to 8.0.3.
Since the Ignition gateway is used to control multiple production sites I have tested the upgrade in a controlled environment on a test setup. Here I found some interesting errors regarding UDTs.
The whole upgrade is done by taking a backup of the Ignition Gateway 7.9.9 and exporting that to a new server where Ignition 7.9.9 is installed. I restore the backup and upgrade the Ignition Gateway with the installer of Ignition 8.0.3.

First error
The first error I found was that memory tags of the boolean type in different UDTs, which originally had its default value to be true now was false. This happened in the UDTs and not just in the instances of the UDT.

Second Error
The second error I have found is that in some of the instances of the UDTs the OPC Item Path was erased. It was simply just gone as you can see here in the following images:

Image 1 - Ignition Gateway 7.9.9 all tags are correct.

Image 2 - Ignition Gateway 8.0.3 after the upgrade.

On Image 2 some of the tags are suddenly disabled and if I open the Tag Editor I can see that the overwritten OPC Item Path is now gone.

How can this be?

I have found one way to solve this problem: After upgrading the Ignition Gateway from 7.9.9 to 8.0.3 I delete all the tags in the tag browser and export the tags from the old gateway and import them in the new gateway. That way all tags are keeping their configurations - but is this the right way to do it? And why is this not managed in the upgrade?

This is definitely a bug and it has been logged. While unclear why this is happening with only certain tags, my guess is it has something to do with the specific overrides that are on the UDT Instance Member. The ones that seem to be working have properties other than the OPC Item Path and Enabled overridden.

As you have noted in messages we have exchanged about this and other issues, the current workaround is to export the tags from 7.9 and re-import them into 8.0. Thanks for your help and patience.


This issue was fixed in the 8.0.4 Nightly build that was uploaded today (8/26).