[BUG-14790] system.device.addDevice - zeroBasedAddressing is inverted

When using the function system.device.addDevice with the deviceProps containing “zeroBasedAddressing” : “false”, the device created gets the parameter “One-based addressing” set to false:


The scripting keyword should be oneBasedAddressing to match the gateway GUI parameter (and functionality) or the logic should be inverted (setting zeroBasedAddressing to false should set the GUI parameter “One-based addressing” to true)

Thank you, I have added a ticket for this and will let you know when its been fixed.

Are you using the keyword-argument based zeroBasedAddressing, or passing a dictionary to deviceProps with zeroBasedAddressing? I’m looking at making a fix, and curious which way it’s actually being used.

I’m using it in the deviceProps dictionnary:

deviceProps = {“Hostname” : adresse, “zeroBasedAddressing” : False}
system.device.addDevice(deviceType = “ModbusTcp”, deviceName = nom, deviceProps = deviceProps)

Okay, the fix up for review right now is just to add a new OneBasedAddressing setting that’s going to do what’s expected - ZeroBasedAddressing will still work, but obviously with inverted functionality.

This is updated in the newest nightly build - basically, the setting that’s exposed to users is now the proper zero-based addressing setting, so addDevice matches actual device configuration.

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