[BUG-14793, 14794]Parameters in UDTs / Find and Replace

I have UDTs created that will be used for a variety of OPC tags that need to have parameters in the OPC tag path. I created a type by manually dragging the tag from the OPC server, to create the structure, into the Data Types, but it has specific parameters in place since it was already created. I am trying to place four parameters I need to pass through to it in the tag path by using search and replace, but every time I tried using that, it says it successfully replaces them, but nothing happens (this could be a bug in itself).

So once that didn’t work I exported the UDT and used a find and replace in the json file in a text editor, then saved it, and imported the UDT back and the parameters are in place in the OPC path. However, when I create a new instance of the UDT, and put the parameters in, the OPC path includes {“parameter”} instead of filling it in with the defined value.

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Sorry for the delayed response. I am able to replicate both issues and they do appear to be separate issues. I’ll get internal tickets written up for these.
As for a workaround, import your UDT like you did before with the json edits. Then open the OPC tag and click the binding icon on the OPC Item Path. It should show a small menu with one of the options being “Edit…” Clicking that should resolve the parameters as part of an expression. Then all you’d have to do is click Commit and that should fix it.

When I tried that on an UDT with 600 tags, the OPC Item path becomes empty.

I have to manually click each one to get the edit working, as you have to “complete” the edit.
Doing this to a group of tags makes them all go empty/invalid.

Any due date for the fix?

Same here - find and replace on an UDT doesn’t work. It can find, and the sample replace looks great, but even though it says it replaced all the instances, it actually didn’t and nothing is changed.

In the mean time I was able to just edit import an edited json file as was suggested.