[bug-14803]Perspective Column View display issues


We are experiencing some issues on a Linux server build. We are running the latest Nightly build as of 8/20/19 11am MST.

Perspective Column View behaving strangely - some components are not able to be resized or moved around. Specifically the Tree component. Also had issues with the ChartRangeSelector. Modifying the POSITION properties also did not work.

We also experienced issues with some Perspective component scripts not firing.


|Description:|Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 LTS|

I’m seeing the same thing on a windows install using the same nightly build. I use a column view and put a flex container on it but am unable to resize how many columns it covers.


Any component added to any view type cannot be moved or resized after it is initially dropped into the view. I tried using a coordinate view and any component I add is staying where it was dropped and won’t resize or move, same type of behavior I’m seeing in the column view. Logs are showing the following every time I try to resize or move a component:

Parent component '0' failed to find child component with id '0'.

Attempted to dispatch to ‘Main Views/test@D.0:0’, but ‘ia.container.coord’ ‘root’ doesn’t have child index 0

Thanks for the report, @christopher.green, @braydon.hancock - this was an issue we noticed and fixed internally, but we didn’t notice this forum post. The nightly builds from 8/24 on have the fix.