[Bug-14839]Perspective Session Property Causing System Jython Error

Hi all,

I encountered a strange error that did not initially appear on a script, but appeared after a few saves. So, the script was working until the error occurred. The script was a transform script on the props.data property of a table that colored the text/background of certain rows/cells as needed. The error seems to be coming from a reference to the session custom properties, and even points to a url in the jython documentation indicating it is a jython error. However, it appears to have been fixed in 2018, so i’m not sure if perspective is using an outdated version or what.

Here is the link given in the error:


And here is a snapshot of the error:

Did I just do something wrong or is this a real problem?

We’re using 8.0.4 Ignition.


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I met the same error in 8.0.4 release after a save operation. The script runs on the “onStartup” event of a view.

Error running action ‘system.onStartup’ on Docked/NavTreeFilter@R[0]: Traceback (most recent call last): File “function:runAction”, line 3, in runAction File “function:runAction”, line 3, in runAction SystemError: getattribute not found on type ViewModelScriptWrapper$SafetyWrapper. See http://bugs.jython.org/issue2487 for details.

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This is a real problem, and something we’re actively working on fixing in our custom version of Jython - mostly, we just need to pull in the right code changes from Jython master.

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This issue was fixed in the 8.0.6 nightly build that was uploaded today (10/21).