[Bug-14855]Reordering Menu Items Bug


When reordering MenuTree items with expressions for the label text, the expressions don’t reorder, but everything else does.

How to reproduce:

  1. Create a menu item with expressions for each item[i].label.text
  2. Drag and drop the menu items to reorder them

While this is techincally a bug, it’s not something new - this is the behavior we’ve expected from day one because of how bindings are stored as part of the View.

Bindings are configured via a path. In array properties, this is done with something like this (example of a bound Dropdown option label):

        "propConfig": {
          "props.options[1].label": {
            "binding": {
              "config": {
                "expression": "\"One\""
              "type": "expr"

When you re-order the array elements, the bindings are still pointing to their original location. In the provided example, I could drag a different option into position “1”, at which point that option’s label would become “One”.

We do have an open ticket to improve this behavior, but no ETA.

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