[Bug-14862,14780]Tag needs restarting after change to tag parameters

Whenever we make changes to parameters on a tag parameter the tag needs to be restarted in order for alarms to updated.

In our alarm display path we are referencing an ‘AlarmPrefix’ Parameter on the tag.
If we make a change to this parameter then the tag needs to be restarted in order for the alarms to be updated.

Another issue we are having is the we are putting a ‘BuildingName’ string at the front of the displaypaths which is being read from a tag. When we change any UDT configured alarm properties this tag is not being pulled into the displaypath unless we restart each instance of that UDT.

Version 8.0.4 nightly

These are both issues we are aware of. We appreciate you confirming that we are aware of the problems. The issues are currently being prioritized so there isn’t an ETA on resolution.


Not sure if this is related to this thread, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to post here.

Basically, we are seeing a similar issue with an OPC tag needing to be re-started. We are attempting to disable alarms using the “AlarmEvalEnabled” Discrete option, in order for maintenance to be performed without triggering an alarm. We are seeing an issue where if the alarm condition is met prior to disabling, re-enabling the alarm does not cause the alarm to trigger once again without a restart of the tag.

Do you think this is related to this issue? Or could we possibly be attempting to use the “AlarmEvalEnabled” discrete option incorrectly? Thanks in advance.

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