[BUG-14898]Version 8.0.3 - EasyChart date range can't be manually entered

Previously, to change the selected date range on an easy charge we could type in new date. See screen capture. That doesn’t seem to be working in version 8.0.3. Is this a bug? Or do I need to change a setting?

Hi Andy1

Hi Andy I have some questions .First are you upgrading from a previous version of ignition or are performing a clean install?. Also if you performing a uprgrade what version of ignition are you upgrading from ?
I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue on a clean install or 8.0.3. I able to perform edits on the date range once a put the designer in preview mode.
I would suggest creating a backup of you project in a non- production environment and then performing a clean install of 8.0.3 and restoring the backup and see if it works


This looks like it may be us not appropriately handling some locale date formats. I’ve found that some date formats with - in it won’t take any new values.
When you try to type in a new date, does the cursor appear and let you type in a new date, but you get stopped when you hit enter or does it prevent you from typing in a new date at all? What locale are you on?

Hi Anthony,
I’m in Canada. I can type a new date in, however nothing happens when I press enter or click away.

Okay, yeah this does appear to be an issue with the locale. I’ve created an internal ticket to follow this issue and you will be notified when this gets fixed.
Sadly the only real workaround currently to set your locale to US English or at least a locale that uses / instead of - in the date format.

Hi Anthony,
Do you know if this has been resolved?

This is still in our backlog and not resolved yet.