[Bug-14920]Copy/Paste of UDT tags with Custom Properties

I have a UDT structure that has custom properties defined. I then use these properties inside the tag fields such as OPC Server and OPC Item Path, etc. For example, the OPC Item Path is defined as [{Device}]C{DI_Address+1}. When I copy the tag, then paste it into the same structure, all fields that have a path related to a property are lost. Regular text still seems to be preserved in fields without a referenced property. I have last night’s build and have confirmed that this feature works on 8.03 stable.

Are you still seeing this issue in the latest nightly? When I attempt to duplicate this issue in the latest 8.0.5 nightly, I am not running into the issue you are describing. A couple of things I would like to confirm:

  1. When you say “custom properties” are you referring to parameters within the main UDT definition like: or do you mean properties added to UDT members like: I did check both, but I just want to confirm we are talking about the same thing.
  2. When copying values, are you referring to copying existing UDT instances, or members within UDT Definitions?

If this is still an issue I want to ensure it does get resolved.


Hi Garth-
See attached screenshots. I am copying a tag within a UDT. The original tag “ALARM” has custom properties defined for OPC Server, OPC Item Path, Tooltip, and Documentation. Such as: {Server}, {Description}, etc. When I copy the “ALARM” tag and paste it in the same UDT to create “ALARM 1”, the fields with the custom properties are now blank. See screen shots. I have 8.04 nightly build 2019082602.

Thanks for the clarification. I am able to duplicate the issue and have created an issue to resolve it.


Thanks for reporting this, we’ll get it fixed before 8.0.4 final.