[BUG-14952] Component Colours Changing Randomly

I have a dashboard that has 4 embedded views for each of the lines. And sometime the colours for individual or multiple randomly change. There doesn’t seem to be consistent colour changes (i.e. green → pink), it can be any variety of colour.

See below correct colour:

Random Colour:

Version - 8.0.3-rc1
Browser - Google Chrom Version 75.0.3770.142

Hi @andrewbrown

Apologies for the delay, are you still seeing this issue?

Hi @awalker,

Still happening, updated to 8.0.3 Full release.

Hi Andrew,

Can you provide us with more information about how we can replicate this issue? I know that the library we use for the gauges and pie chart will randomly choose a color if one is not provided. Still, the behavior you are seeing seems quite odd.



Hi @andrewbrown,

We recently made some changes that may have resolved this issue. Have you tried a newer build and are you still seeing this issue?

Thanks, I haven’t seen the issue recently, will be updating to recent build soon.